Air Pollution Analytics

The quality of air has a significant effect on the short- as well as long-term health and well-being of a population. According to new research, there has been a major increase in respiratory diseases, lung cancer and degenerative nerve system diseases, which are being attributed to long-term exposure to polluted air.

Smart Prediction of Air Pollution for Traffic Control

The solution predicts local black carbon concentration levels over a 0-24h time period and thereby helps local authorities to protect human health and the environment. Accurate and timely localized predictions of air pollution levels can be used for immediate protection (through air quality alerts) and as a basis for the application of traffic control measures, as well as for the longer-term mitigation of high pollution areas and traffic planning.


  • prediction of future black carbon concentration levels, given the current black carbon concentration levels, micro-meteorological measurements (e.g., temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity) and traffic volume data
  • prevention of black carbon concentration peaks by implementing real-time traffic management measures supported by a simulation of the effects of traffic volume changes on BC concentrations
  • measurement of the effectiveness of protection measures
  • real-time overview of the current state of BC concentration

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and European Union (EU) – European Regional Development Fund (

Project title: Smart Black Carbon Street Light (SBC-SL)

Total cost of the operation: EUR 980,598.10; co-financing amount: EUR 441,269.15.

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Detection of Super-Emitter Vehicles

Super-emitters are vehicles that disproportionally contribute to total fleet emissions (typically 10% of the top polluters contribute to more than 50% of emissions). Super-emitters are not only old vehicles, but also vehicles that are not properly maintained. The SPIDer™ system is a measurement and interpretation system, which enables the identification and interpretation of mobile pollution. It enables taking measurements of black carbon and NOx concentrations on roads, and thus takes direct and real time pollution measurements at its source, i.e., individual vehicles. Besides stationary measurements, mobile readings can be taken by a pursuant vehicle with an attached measuring instrument. The system provides information about vehicles’ emission factors in a real environment, with the option to identify vehicles by taking an optical license plates reading.


  • selective ban or taxation of vehicles – low pollution zones in city centers
  • identification of not properly maintained vehicles (malfunctioning or removed DPF filter, excessive engine wear, etc.)
  • ban of major polluters at state borders (customs control points)
  • identification of vehicles that use fuel of lower quality (heating oil…)
  • Based on data gathered in a real environment (road), redefinition of environmental standards can be implemented.

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and European Union (EU) – European Regional Development Fund (

Project title: MEstno in CEstno DoločanjE Supermiterjev (MECEDES)

Total cost of the operation: EUR 1,105,379.00; co-financing amount: EUR 497,420.55.

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