Expert Services

Our interdisciplinary expertise in natural sciences and computer science enables us to develop custom sensing solutions in different fields of application. The solutions can range from physics-based detectors to developing lab-on-a-chip solutions for bio-chemical sensing. We can also provide advanced data science expertise or development ofdevelop custom (embedded) devices for our clients.

Smart Machine Control / Embedded Systems

We develop automation systems for the smart/adaptive control of manufacturing machines on the Siemens Simatic S7 platform and embedded systems on ARM architecture.

Together with our partners, we can provide a holistic design approach fromincluding machine design, machine building, installation in a production environment toand the monitoring of production parameters.

Big Data Analytics

With big data analytics, we can help clients understand large quantities of data and identify hidden patterns or the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data by using statistical analyses, data mining, machine learning, predictive modelling, and time-series analysis.

Hyperspectral Imaging as a Service

We provide hyperspectral imaging (HSI) expert analysis of clients’ samples that we process in our laboratory. The services range fromincludes providing raw HSI images of samples, targeted feature extraction and classification to, and the design of a dedicated industrial system for deployment on a client’s site.

Development of Electro-Optics Systems

In the real world there exist we encounter, difficult detection problems which requireexist, and a full ingenuity in utilizing photonics phenomena is required to tackle them. We like to be challenged by our clients’ problems that, which we can solve them with our full interdisciplinary expertise in building custom solutions in the fields of spectral analytics, precise surface defects detection and precise dimensions measurement.

Algorithm Development

We develop software and algorithms designed to tackle simple or complex clients’ problems, including: the detection of failure patterns to improve asset productivity and product quality; an analysis of hyper- and multi-spectral images for detection of food quality and anomalies within a production process; the recognition of objects in images and video for security and monitoring; an analysis of sentiment in audio streams for call center monitoring; an analysis of sensor networks data for security and monitoring (IoT); a prediction of customer behavior for increased customer value and retention; finding patterns related to fraudulent behavior; the optimization of logistic/supply chain management processes.

Spectral Analytics

We have a deep knowledge in spectral analytics and related measurement techniques. We can help our clients with the development of analytics systems for applications in biotech, medtech, life science and industrial quality control.

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